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Натуральные славянские волосы-парики интернет магазина Русские Волосы для наращивания. Изготовление.

Russian hair - quality raw materials for hair extensions and wigs.

Russian hair - quality raw materials for hair extensions and wigs.

If you are professionally involved in the creation of wigs or hair extensions, our offer is perfect for you - nice price plus wholesale discount - what you need ! ...

Russian Hair Extensions - the best choice and guaranteed reliable natural result.

    Russian hair as a raw material for extensions and creating wigs, the most highly sought of craftsmen on hair extensions. Their use ensures excellent quality of the final result , and therefore the cost is quite high compared to other options.

    To extensions or manufacture of wigs,  wholesale buy Russian natural hair, you can go to our website . Huge assortment - a guarantee that you'll find what you're looking . In stock:
- Russian hair, retaining all its natural and completely natural look.

     Service hair extensions is very popular today . Luxurious tresses grow   a very long time , so women often resort to this method of "rapid elongation ." Elegant hairstyle gives charm and femininity, which is so lacking today 
 If you want a great result and Slavic quality raw materials, better  buy Russian hair extensions in Russia and Ukraine, we always  have a sale , and the price is quite lowest by the relation with the sum of what you would give for them where - somewhere in the West. This kind of curls - the most coveted and sought after worldwide . Such hair is simultaneously soft, obedient and volume .
Russian hair are ideal for extensions up those ladies who have their own strands of decent quality , or they are quite short . Then the difference will not be noticeable , and the girl will look really chic.

Russian hair extensions

Italian extensions - kind of hair extensions, which today is the most popular . It uses keratin production of this country . This protein itself - the main component of natural hair. When he is building fastening element .

 Italian keratin almost transparent , the skillful use of it allows to achieve the perfect effect when the transitions are seamless and hair stick to "excellent." There are Korean and Chinese counterparts , but the quality is not and should not use them , because the procedure is quite expensive .

Most often do build the Italian method using European hair , but it is not a rule . Buy Russian hair on capsules for extentions , as well as natural Slavic, you can on our website .
You will need to extension 100 or more strands , often their number reaches 160. During the extension to the client 's own tresses applied strands with capsules , and then place the bonding presses heated forceps. After cooling the capsule completely invisible, only the density of hair in this location increases.

This hair-extension has the long-term use of "new" hair - 3-6 months , it has no restrictions on coloring and styling , water procedures .
Other hair extensions.

It happens that a woman or man wants to order the production or purchase of Russian hair wig in Kiev, Ukraine or Russia , but confuse the idea that the wig may fall, to tilt or cause other uncomfortable situation. With hair extensions You can be confident in the beauty of curls. And you can also create your hairstyle of Russian hair.

Russian hair wigs.

 Women's and men's wigs Russian Hair, which can easily be bought in Ukraine and Russia, all over the world are considered elite,  the highest quality and natural. And if somewhere in America, going through all the customs, they are sold at very high prices, then You can buy or order the production of cheap wig. Indeed, Russian beauties, which ready to share part of its beauty, there is much more). All varieties in wigs differ  long hair and method of manufacture. And we are ready to make any of them. If you have any questions - please do not hesitate to drop us an email: volosi@e-mail.ua
We are ready to cooperate salons and shops selling hair and wigs, as well as with individual clients.

For any kind extensions you can choose relevant hair in our store. We also produce for you any wig of Russian Hair. Quality at a height , and prices - the most pleasant . Please!


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